About the Journal

The journal «Energy Technologies & Resource Saving» accepts only original scientific articles (including reviews) that have not been published before and were not submitted for publication in other journals (no more than 6 authors). 

At present time the journal is founded by The National Academy of Science of Ukraine, The Gas Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and The Coal Energy Technology Institute of NAS of Ukraine.

The history of the journal began with scientific and technical collection "Chemical Industry". During the period of its existence to present days, the name of the journal (collection) and founders changed.

Іn January 1960 the first issue of the scientific and technical collection "Chemical Industry" was published.

From 1966 scientific and production collection "Chemical Industry of Ukraine".

From 1971 scientific and production collection «Chemistry Engineering».

From 1989 scientific and theoretical journal «Chemical Engineering».

From 1992 scientific and technical journal «Ecotechnologies (Environmentally Technologies) and Resource Saving».

From №4 2008 Scientific and Technical Journal «Energy Technologies and Resource Saving».

The former ISSN of the journal 0235-3482, 1027-3247.